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Awayuki Strawberry soufflé
Awayuki Strawberry & Condensed Milk Cream

Think  Awayuki Strawberries, Aomori Apples and Hinata eggs and works like Kaiseki and Omotesando leap to mind. Thankfully Flippers’ have brought the very best of Japanese Soufflé pancakes to our shores with absolutely unique seasonal flavours.

Till 28 March 2021, you will find 30 servings of Awayuki Ichigo white strawberries. They are paired with fluffy pancakes and two different creams that complement perfectly. Awayuki Strawberry Soufflé ($24.80++). These strawberries are only seen in gift boxes at premium Japanese supermarkets, rarely any where else as they easily cost upwards of $60 for a small box.

Awayuki Strawberries

Also in season is, the best of Japanese Apples, the Aomori Apple. Often touted as the best apple, for its crunch and flavour, Flipper’s Singapore has flown in a limited 50 portions everyday for everyone to try.  This is presented in the Aomori Apple Soufflé ($22.80++) where stewed apple is flanked by a scoop of Haagen Dazs vanilla ice cream and Cinnamon Filo Crumble.

Aomori Apple Soufflé
Cinnamon Filo Crumble

These eggs are flown in from Japan, to elevate taste and delicate consistency

Tommy Lee, Manager

Manager Tommy shared with YumYum how each pancake is painstakingly brought to life  à la minute. Flipper’s only uses fresh Japanese Hinata eggs that are air-flown from Japan to get the exact taste and mouth feel that you’d get at their original flagship outlet in Omotesando, Tokyo . These special eggs  are whisked into a meringue like consistency before carefully crafted into a dome, without the use of a mold.

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