Got Beef, Bro? – Beef bro Ramly Specials

This Ramadan, although the bazaar is called off (yet again), the hunt for Ramly never stops. At least for us. We came across a few Ramly burgers still available in Singapore, but one definitely caught our eyes. The one with the biggest flames and the goofiest staff, Beef Bro.

Beef Bro might ring a bell to some of you guys, that’s because they have appeared in several articles about their eccentric blow-torched beef cubes and a young and promising entrepreneur behind it. However, we are not here for that. We are here for their very own exclusive Ramadan Ramly special! Consisting of 3 classic flavours, Lembu (beef), Ayam (chicken) and Ikan (fish), as well as their very own unique creations; Sambal Udang and Nutella Ramly! 

We headed down to visit one of their outlets at Northpoint, and was immediately greeted with loud groovy music and some of the goofiest staff we’ve seen in awhile. From the torching of the beef cubes, to the cracking of the eggs, each move was so swift and smooth as the chef interacted with the crowd with some bun flipping performance, as if it was all choreographed. We also noticed a bunch of bystanders stopping by just to have a peek at their flaming torch show, and soon decided to join the queue and make their order. It really does feel as if they brought the Bazaar to you instead, and we really really need that.

We watched the whole grilling process as they prepared 3 of their unique Ramly creations for us – Lembu, Sambal Udang, as well as their Nutella Ramly. Co-founder of Beef Bro Kelvin Tan also mentioned to us that they first started out at the Bazaars. As they slowly made their way up, they also try to put in an effort to preserve the bazaar essence.

Classic Lembu (beef) Ramly
Nutella Ramly
Sambal Udang Ramly

The Nutella Burger is generously spreaded with thick coats of nutella, then topped with some shredded cheese and huge marshmallows before torching them, resulting in gooey s’mores goodness. When asked why they wanted a nutella burger, co-founder Kelvin told us this was a nostalgic twist to how his mother used to make nutella cheese bread for him as a child, hence decided to recreate it to share with the public. 

Sambal Udang Burger is one of their proudest creations, made from their authentic Ramly Prawn Patties, a sunny side up and topped unsparingly with their homemade sambal gravy with minced shrimps and mayonnaise. This is definitely a must-try for a change of your usual Ramly palette.

Nutella Ramly, Sambal Udang, Lembu Ramly (Left to right)

Right now, these Ramly babies are available at all of their Beef Bro Blow Torch Outlets, while stock lasts! Get a piece of this Baazar must-have snack and enjoy their flame torching performance at Century Square, Clifford Center and Northpoint plaza! Pro-tip, stand near the see-through grill kitchen for an insta story opportunity with their goofy staff!

Beef Bro
Northpoint City, South Wing, #B2-134
Singapore 769098

Art Director: Felicia Pang | Crispcontrasts Studios
Photographer: Fadly Azhari | Crispcontrasts Studios