Meat the Master – Chef Fabrice’s Dry-Aged Steaks

Who Are They?

Introducing Chef Fabrice, Head Chef of Bochinche. This January,  we managed to interview Chef Fabrice to find out more about this Argentinian Restaurant and how this restaurant manages to consistently innovate and surprise its customers.

Bochinche is a modern Argentinian cocina in Singapore’s Club Street neighbourhood serving modern Argentinian dishes, masterful steaks, natural wines and cocktails. At the core of the restaurant, a wood and charcoal grill allows the kitchen to showcase traditional Asado techniques. Kissed by fire, and forged by culture-rich recipes, the menu brings forth delicious fare enhanced by cooking with fire.

After reading that you might be thinking that Bochinche is a very ‘prim and proper’ restaurant where people stay quiet while enjoying their food. Well, that could not be further from the truth. The restaurant name, boCHINche literally means ‘ruckus’, which translates to the ruckus of flavours found in Argentinian cuisine and that convivial, lively, fun atmosphere that their diners have come to love at the restaurant.

When asked about how the idea of opening an Argentinian restaurant in Singapore came about, Chef Fabrice said that in 2013, Cynthia Chua, the founder of Spa Esprit Group, saw an opportunity to bring the bold flavours, unique meats and traditional Asado techniques to the local F&B landscape. Since then, they have grown into more than just an Argentinian restaurant or a traditional steakhouse and truly carved out a unique concept for their diners.


By incorporating techniques involved in Argentinian cuisine such as using traditional Asado grilling techniques over a charcoal fire and focusing a lot on the source of the meats, Bochinche has created a whole new experience for their diners.

“Our steaks are cooked using traditional Asado grilling techniques over charcoal fire to achieve a lightly charred crust and smoky aroma that best highlights the natural flavours of the beef. A combination of cherry, apple and jarrah wood lend an irresistible flavour to a proud selection of carefully selected, grass-fed beef imported directly from Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Japan. Besides Argentinian beef, we also source carefully for high-quality cuts of beef from around the world and practise dry-ageing in-house.” Chef Fabrice said.

Besides preserving traditional techniques, Chef Fabrice is certainly not shy to use modern cooking techniques such as sous vide, Lacto fermentation, and infusions. This allows the kitchen to develop new dishes with new ingredients and flavour combinations that draw inspiration from culinary traditions beyond Latin America, and across the world.

Thought process behind crafting the menu for Bochinche

They say food tastes better when you make it yourself. Let’s dive into Chef Fabrice’s thought process when crafting the menu so we can better appreciate the food that we are savouring now.

Chef Fabrice replied in his pristine white chef’s uniform,

“My thought process is heavily based on seasonal changes, favourite memories from my past and integrating it to the preference of my guests. I have my favourite produce that I love working with and mixing it goes up further with other products to get a whole new flavour. I like to challenge myself and my team with unfamiliar techniques and products when coming out with new menus as it gives us an opportunity to learn something new.”

Future plans for Bochinche in 2022?

We playfully tried to tease out some spoilers for the upcoming year, but all Chef Fabrice can say is that 2022 will be a good year for the Bochinche family to grow — there will be new menus, new events and lots of fun.

We had such a great time at Bochinche, and we urge you to give it a try if you’re around the area. Especially if you’re into quality Dry-Aged steaks!

You can visit Bochinche at or check them out at @bochinchesg on Instagram and Facebook

27 Club St, Singapore 069413

Art Director: Felicia Pang | Crispcontrasts Studios
Photographer: Fadly Azhari | Crispcontrasts Studios