Binchotan in Joo Chiat – Nee Yakitori

Tori Teriyaki

Nee Yakitori, Joo Chiat’s latest addition, aims to break the neighbourhood’s lasting impression of a rowdy backwater. Owner Joey Lee make meticulous effort to bring subtle elements of Ginza’s starched collar cocktail culture to our shores. The team employs the famed charcoal Binchotan, known for its searing heat that form the smokey flavour profile that is synonymous with Yakitori.


Tebasaki Shioyaki on the grill
Buta No Marine, Tori Teriyaki, Ebi Garlic

Nee Yakitori has appeased many thirsty customers with its broad collection of Japanese alcohol and affordable bar bites, which we had the chance to try. On Joey’s recommendation, we sampled these 3 skewers, Buta No Marine ($4.50), Tori Teriyaki ($2.50) and Ebi Garlic ($5.50).

We were impressed with the skills of the grill master, all 3 skewers were perfectly grilled, with some light char for flavour while still juicy on the inside. We were also very surprised at how competitively priced these were compared to the CBD competition.

Salmon Wafu Teppanyaki

This cosy grill-bar takes the concept further by preparing a range of Teppanyaki dishes that compliment the variety of Yamazakis’ and Hibikis’ you may find on the shelves. We tried the Salmon Wafu Teppanyaki ($12.50) and was impressed with the fine pairing of sauce with with the moist slices of salmon.

Joey, Founder of Nee Yakitori

Nee Yakitori
325 Joo Chiat Rd,
Singapore 427582.

Producer: Raymond Goh
Art Director: Felicia Pang
Photographer: Fadly Azhari | Crispcontrasts Studios