Travel Restrictions to Thailand just got lifted : Nummun Thai Kitchen

Newly opened 5 months ago, Num Num Thai Kitchen has been steadily gaining traction among local foodies as one of the most authentic thai food places in the hood. Besides boasting of a workforce that is 100% native thai, Num Num Thai Kitchen prides itself with providing an ambience that gives its diners an escape into Thailand, given the current travel restrictions. And boy, did we feel exactly that. Waves of nostalgia assaulted us as we ate the food Num Num had to offer, with the food really being AROY MAK MAK. For a short moment, we did feel like we were back in better times walking the night markets of Thailand and taking in all the sights and sounds faintly re-created in the hustle and bustle of the restaurant.


We got to try the Fried Seabass in Yellow Curry ($23), which was wonderfully crispy and well-spiced. Our only complaint was that it was so good we finished it too quickly. For the best experience, we recommend pairing the dish with plain rice (duh) for your plain rice to taste heavenly as well.


One of the restaurant’s signature which we got to try as well was the Crab Meat Omelette ($28) – a huge piece of omelette stuffed gloriously with fresh crab meat. Unlike most omelettes in other Thai places that tend to be on the oiler side, this omelette was balanced just right – not too oily and not too salty. This allowed for enough enjoyment just having the omelette alone. BUT THE CRAB MEAT. I mean the photo we took has to be testament to the dish itself. The soft, fresh, tender and mildly sweet crab meat added a whole new dimension of texture and taste to each bite of the omelette. We really could not think of any way the dish could be better prepared.

One more thing we loved about Num Num was that their helpings came in generous portions with great value for money, making the restaurant a great haunt for group and family outings. Glorious food and glorious ambience. And if you still need an extra stimulus to convince yourself of your temporal teleportation to Thailand, complete your immersive experience with Num Num’s Thai Iced Milk Tea, which really cannot be any more authentic when you see one of Num Num’s friendly staff mixing the precise proportions of milk and tea, all this while channeling the spirit of her Thai ancestors.


Num Num Thai Kitchen
200 Upper Thomson Rd #01-03,
Thomson Imperial Court,
Singapore 574424

Producer: Raymond Goh | Crispcontrasts Studios
Photographer: Chua Junting | Crispcontrasts Studios