PeraMakan – Your Modern-Day Traditional Peranakan Fix

Sambal Babi Goreng, Stir Fried Kangkong, and Babi Tohay – these are just some of the dishes that will revive and rejuvenate you when you visit PeraMakan. Located at Tampines Mart in Singapore, this restaurant showcases the Perenakan cuisine – the home to diverse and culturally-rich dishes.

Founded in 2004, PeraMakan is committed to making meals that are from the best ingredients. Having said that, these mouthwatering and appetising dishes are made with natural and organic ingredients. With a spice paste that is slow fried until it is bursting with aroma, savoury and flavorful meals, to vegetarian dishes and tasteful desserts, PeraMakan offers a variety of dishes that can satiate your cravings.

Roast Ayam Sio

Their meals are definitely a must try. Try Roast Ayam Sio, a boneless leg chicken roasted in pepper coriander sauce or Itek Tim, their tasty duck broth and is also one of the chef’s recommendations. If you are looking for something sweet, say less. PeraMakan also offers desserts like Durian Pengay, a mousse that is durian in flavour and even Sago Gula Melaka, a sago pudding served with Gula Melaka.

Nonya Perut Ikan

PeraMakan’s Nonya Perut Ikan mirrors the Peranakan people and their culture. In hopes to showcase the uniqueness and their traits of being hospitable and welcoming, this is how the dish came about. The way this dish is made is through it being salted in pure sea salt and then the stock having to be seasoned and perfumed with local herbs as well as vegetables. This makes it not just a fan favourite, but the best dish to serve to entertain their guests generously and lavishly.

Nonya Oxtail Soup

Not just that, but the Nonya Oxtail Soup is definitely a must try too. Existing even decades ago, this stew is definitely a reminder of home to the Peranakan people and hopefully, to the consumers of PeraMakan. Made up of meat and oxtails that are slow-cooked for about 3 hours, this meal is made not just for a normal day but even on special occasions. With its base gravy made with spice paste and the oxtail that is marinated with garlic, ginger, and lemongrass, this makes the Nonya Oxtail Soup that does not just serve savoury goodness, but it is definitely a flavourful meal that people can always go back too.

With fresh herbs and spices, as well as sweet and flavorful meals that are not only made to perfection but also with love, PeraMakan showcases age-old recipes from the Nyonya home in the same way it showcases good food at an affordable price.

Ayam Buah Keluak
The Sambal Trio

Not only that, but the modern interior and bold colours on the walls that are paired with traditional touches and pieces such as the weaved rattan centrepiece makes everything about the PeraMakan offer a feeling of home, making it your place to be!

PeraMakan Restaurant

5 Tampines Street 32
#02-14 Tampines Mart
Singapore 529284