The Crown Jewel of Arab Street – Read on for promotional Iftar Set Meals!

Situated at the heart of Arab street, overlooking the magnificent Sultan Mosque, is the bright and lively Istanbul Turkish Restaurant. I was greeted with some beautiful lanterns and Turkish Décor, with faint chatter and laughter from the tables around me, as the savoury scent of roasted meat and spices hit me. There and then I thought, this is definitely a place you cannot miss. 

Established in 2006, Istanbul Turkish Restaurant has been a pioneer in Authentic Ottoman Turkish Cuisines. We got the chance to visit their charcoal grilled kitchen while the chefs whip up some delicious Mixed grill with exotic spices, the smell was divine. The owner of Istanbul restaurant, Khamis, told us all of his chefs are trained for over 30 years in Arabian and Mediterranean cuisines, they have no problem preparing a diverse Turkish menu, as long as you know how to order them, he let out a little prideful chuckle as he told us that. 

Istanbul Turkish SG

They have both air conditioned and alfresco seating available. We opt for the alfresco seating, and I highly recommend you too (if possible) as you get a wonderful view of the Sultan Mosque and truly experience the liveliness of Arab Street. The staff are all warm and friendly as they sit me down and take my order, for some reason it really does feel like a short escape from this sunny island.  

We had some Mezze Tabagi with bread, a Mixed grill, and of course, the Signature Roasted Lamb Leg, which was presented to us in flames by this skillful chef, as if this was a full performance.

Mezze Tabagi with Bread
Mixed Grill
Chef serving Roasted Lamb Leg

Mezze Tabagi was an absolute delight! With different spreads laid down before you, and a huge piece of warm fluffy bread to dip them in, it makes eating this a fun little surprise with every dip. And of course, the hummus was great.

The mixed grill and roasted lamb leg are really tender and flavourful, infused with various spices tingling your tastebuds. Mixed grill is served with rice, which is a perfect combination of flavours and textures. 

Good News for all of our Muslim friends!

Great news! Right now, Istanbul is having Iftar set meals available for both dine-in and delivery. Ranging from 2 pax to 8 pax, Istanbul had thoughtfully crafted each set to satisfy your tastebuds this Ramadan. Check out the set meals below! For delivery, please visit to place order.

I left Istanbul feeling like a tourist in my country. The liveliness of Arab street never gets old. Especially when we are trapped in this pandemic, little things like that really does make us whole again. 

Istanbul Turkish Restaurant SG
25 Baghdad St,
Singapore 199664

Producer: Raymond Goh 
Art Director: Felicia Pang | Crispcontrasts Studios
Photographer: Fadly Azhari | Crispcontrasts Studios