The Thomas’ Brunch Affair: SOD Cafe @ LongHaus

Eggs Benny on Brioche Bun

In our first instalment of our Post-Covid-Comeback challenge featuring our foodie heroes who have bounced back stronger, we would like to put the spotlight on the main food stretch of Thomson Road.

First to start off our series is SOD Cafe, which has just opened its 2nd branch in Upper Thomson barely 4 months ago. SOD Cafe has always been known for its brunch fare, and tea beverages. SOD Cafe had actually started as a bubble tea shop in Yew Tea. Speaking with its young, unassuming owner, Thomas, we actually learnt an interesting story about the brand’s origin: Superoxide Dismutase, or SOD, is an antioxidant that oxidises free radicals in the body, which in short, is a beneficial compound that does real good to our bodies. Thomas, back in the “bubble-tea” days with his mother, were the only folks incorporating the compound in their tea, and their commitment to providing quality healthy and savoury food has never wavered since.


Eggs Benny on Brioche Bun
Chicken Supreme

We got to try the Chicken Supreme, which really lived up to its name with the tender-rest chicken thigh with a copious topping of gravy which itself boasted of a glorious blend of prawns, cheese, tomato sauce and balsamic dressing. It was a hearty dish, with an even heartier affordable price tag of $11.90 to make the memory of sinking our teeth into the chicken thigh almost brimming with awesome sauce a long-lasting one.

Thomas with his labour of love.

The story of SOD Cafe is really a miracle

Thomas, Owner of Sod Cafe

When we asked Thomas about his proudest creation, he directed us to his Eggs Benny on Brioche Bun without a moment’s hesitation. Thomas extolled us with his long journey of how he finally managed to get the sauce on his Eggs Benedict right to the most precise taste and texture. That first bite into his Eggs Benny. WAOW… kind of is really all we can say to do enough justice to his labour of love and hard work.

“The story of SOD Cafe is really a miracle,” Thomas tells us in the most down-to-earth manner. He joined the industry as a young teenager more than 6 years ago since he in his own words, hated studying and realised there was nothing else he could really do. With the encouragement from his mother who was also in the industry, Thomas went on the painstaking yet rewarding journey of enrolling himself in culinary school and even going to Thailand to learn under a private chef. Fast-forward to today post-civid, if we might say, it is surely a thankful heart and a commitment to seeing his customers happy that keeps the miracle story of SOD Cafe going.

Sod Cafe (Upper Thomson)
183 Upper Thomson Rd,
Longhaus, #01-05,
Singapore 574429

Operating Hours: 10.30am-9.30pm (Daily)



Producer: Raymond Goh | Crispcontrasts Studios
Photographer: Chua Junting | Crispcontrasts Studios